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Animal Removal Pros, a division of Nature’s Own Pest Control We are the leaders and experts in the Houston, San Antonio, and Austin areas, when it comes to animal and wildlife damage problems.

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With the booming growth in our cities, the nuisance wildlife growth is booming also. These encounters can be very dangerous and expensive when attempting to do this type of service on your own.

Raccoon Removal, Scorpion Removal, squirrel Removal, Possum Removal, and Snakes, can be very dangerous and time consuming to handle on your own.

At Nature's Own Animal control we have over 20 years experience dealing with every wildlife situation. The environment and safety is our number one priority. We provide the most up to date methods, traps, and humane approach to remove any nuisance wildlife from your home, business, and industrial environment.

At Nature's Own Animal Removal our crew is put through a very vigorous training program that is ongoing weekly to keep up with the most up to date methods, tools, and wildlife behavior and movement.

We can handle any of your wildlife problems from critters in your attic, moles in your yard, or raccoons making a mess around your home.

The professionals at Nature's Own will make sure you are critter free and with the best guarantee in the business.

We include the following with some of our services:

Some of our services include:

  • Species-specific animal removal techniques featuring one-way doors and excluders
  • Collecting, safe keeping and reuniting of offspring with parents/siblings after animal removal
  • The use of eco-friendly repellents and deterrent animal removal techniques to discourage return
  • Professional grade animal proofing that includes animal entry and exit holes and identifying problem areas to prevent the need for animal removal services, including consumer awareness and education regarding follow-up procedures to prevent the need for recurring animal removal services
  • Pre-construction wildlife land clearing guidelines for the responsible management of wildlife affected by land clearing and habitat modification

*Some nuisance calls require special modifications such as one way doors and exclusion work.

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