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Alligators in your canal or yard?
For help with alligator problems call 281.656.2847 or your local fish and game department.

How To Identify Alligator Problems

Alligator Description
Alligators are among the largest animals in North America. Males can attain a size of more than 14 feet (4.3 m) and 1,000 pounds (473 kg). Females can exceed 10 feet (3.1 m) and 250 pounds (116 kg). The American alligators appear almost black in color, with rigid scales covering the entire body. They have a long head with sharp upper teeth lining the edge of the jaw. Alligators are stealthy swimmers and will float with their eyes and nostril just above the water, keeping their body hidden as they sneak up on prey.

Alligator Habitats
The American alligator is found in wetlands throughout the coastal plain of the southeastern United States. They can be found in almost any type of fresh water, but population densities are greatest in wetlands with an abundant food supply and adjacent marsh habitat for nesting. They prefer fresh water but also inhabit brackish water and occasionally venture into salt water.

Alligator Entry
Alligators are not known for entering or damaging homes. However, gators have a varied diet that may draw them to your yard. They will feed on many different small animals such as rodents, fish, snakes, rabbits and birds. If you have any of these on your property, you may be attracting alligator problems. If you have seen signs of alligators near your home or business you should immediately call a critter control alligator specialist.

What To Do Before An Alligator Specialist Arrives

Alligator Control and Safety
Alligator problems occur because alligators quickly become conditioned to humans, especially when food is involved. When humans regularly feed gators they lose their fear and can become dangerous. Many aggressive or “fearless” alligators require alligator removal each year following feeding by humans. Ponds and waterways at golf courses and high-density housing create a similar problem when alligators become accustomed to living near people.

Contact a Animal Removal Pros Alligator Specialist
Alligator removal and professional Alligator prevention services should be contacted as soon as an Alligator issue is identified. Call 281.656.2847

What To Expect Once An Alligator Technician Arrives

Alligator Trapping and Removal
The American alligator is federally classified as “threatened due to similarity of appearance” to other endangered and threatened crocodilians. Only individuals with proper licenses or permits can legally take alligators. Animal Removal Pros Technicians are Certified Alligator Specialists, with the knowledge and tools to get rid of your Alligator problem. Animal Removal Pros offices practice humane Alligator removal techniques, that ensure the safe capture and release of your Alligator issue. Our Animal Removal Pros Alligator removal professionals are trained in Alligator removal, Alligator trapping, Alligator control and in how to identify Alligator problems and prevent future Alligator damage.

Alligator Damage
Alligator problems are very serious as alligator damage can be extremely severe. Alligator damage is usually limited to injuries to humans or domestic animals. Most alligator problems and alligator damage from bites occur in Florida. Alligators prefer to grasp a limb and twist it off by spinning the weight of their bodies. Many serious injuries have involved badly damaged and broken arms on humans and legs on animals. Animal Removal Pros’s specialists can remove your alligator problems and help implement prevention plans.


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