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Coyotes in your neighborhood, after your pets, or in your yard? We trap and remove coyotes.

How To Identify Coyote Problems

Coyote Description
Coyotes were historically most common on the Great Plains of North America. They have since extended their range from Central America to the Arctic, including all of the United States (except Hawaii). Coyotes live in deserts, swamps, tundra, grasslands, brush, and dense forests. High densities of coyotes also appear in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Pasadena, Phoenix, and other western cities. Coyotes are currently trapped and hunted for threats to livestock and pets. Despite ongoing human persecution Coyotes populations are stable and widespread across the country. Coyotes can easily be identified by their long-range howls consisting of short high-pitched yips followed by eerie howls.

Coyote Habitats
Coyotes are common in a variety of habitats and are largely nocturnal. Coyotes can be found in forested areas, fields or suburban areas. Coyotes bed in sheltered areas but do not generally use dens except when raising young. They may seek shelter underground during severe weather or when closely pursued.

Coyote Entry
Coyotes are not known to invade or attempt entry to homes. However, Coyotes will wonder around urban and developed areas in search of food. Coyotes are excellent hunters and often traveling in packs of 3-7. Coyotes pose a serious threat to pets and live stock. If you have heard or seen signs of coyotes near your home or business you should immediately call a critter control coyote expert.

What To Do Before A Coyote Specialist Arrives

Coyote Control and Safety
Coyotes should not be confronted by an untrained property owner. If you heard or seen signs of coyotes near your home or business you should keep your pets and livestock in a protected area. Coyotes are not known to attack humans but are capable of causing significant wounds by biting or scratching. Coyotes commonly carry disease and parasites. Diseases include distemper, hepatitis, parvo virus and mange (caused by parasitic mites). Rabies also occur and may be transmitted to other animals and humans. Coyotes harbor numerous parasites including mites, ticks, fleas, worms and flukes.

What To Expect Once A Coyote Technician Arrives

Coyote Trapping and Removal
CritterControl Technicians are Certified Wildlife Specialists, with the knowledge and tools to get rid of your coyote problem. Animal Removal Pros offices practice humane coyote prevention techniques. Our Animal Removal Pros coyote removal professionals are trained in coyote removal, coyote trapping, coyote control and in how to identify coyotes and coyote problems and prevent future coyote threats.

Coyote Damage
Coyotes can cause considerable damage to pets, livestock and crops as they invade the property of your home or businesses. Animal Removal Pros’s specialists can help with coyote damage, repair and prevention.

Coyote Problem Prevention and Repair
Upon coyote removal, a Animal Removal Pros coyote expert will assess any damage to your home and identify other potential coyote prevention points.

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