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Animals digging in your yard? Skunk odors? Skunks under your home or porch? These are oftentimes indicators that skunks are living on or near your property.

How To Identify Skunk Problems

Skunk Description
Skunks are identified by their striking black and white markings and their habit of spraying foul-smelling liquid if disturbed. The liquid is sprayed from their anal glands and can travel more than 10 feet. Their bodies range up to 21 inches long, depending on the species, and their tails add another 12-14 inches in length. There are 9 species of skunks in 3 genera.

Skunk Habitats
Skunks are common in a variety of habitats and are largely nocturnal. Skunks can be found in forested areas, fields or suburban areas. They often nest under buildings, create burrows or inhabit hollow logs.

Skunk Entry
Skunks often nest under porches or burrow under sides of homes. Skunks can get into homes or businesses through relatively small holes, and once inside can create nests or create messes. Skunks are also good climbers and can get higher up on buildings before making entry in attics or other areas.

What To Do Before A Skunk Specialist Arrives

Skunk Control and Safety
Skunks should not be confronted by an untrained property owner. Skunk spray is very difficult to remove, and can cause temporary blindness if it gets in the eyes. Skunks also are capable of causing significant wounds by biting or scratching and are known to carry rabies. They generally give some type of warning before spraying, usually by stomping their front feet.

What To Expect Once A Skunk Technician Arrives

Skunk Trapping and Removal
CritterControl Technicians are Certified Wildlife Specialists, with the knowledge and tools to get rid of your skunk problem. Animal Removal Pros offices practice humane skunk removal techniques, that ensure the safe capture and release (Where transportation and release is allowed by state law) of your skunk issue. Our Animal Removal Pros skunk removal professionals are trained in skunk removal, skunk trapping, skunk control and in how to identify skunks and skunk problems and prevent future skunk damage.

Skunk Damage
Skunks can cause considerable damage as they gain entry and inhabit homes or businesses. They can leave behind feces and urine, plus stubborn scents and stains if they spray their scent. Animal Removal Pros’s specialists can help with skunk damage repair and prevention.

Skunk Problem Prevention and Repair
Upon skunk removal, a Animal Removal Pros skunk expert will assess any damage to your home and identify other potential skunk entry points.

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