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Snakes in your home, garden or rock piles? Those slithering serpents are probably harmless. Animal Removal Pros can help you deal with snakes in a humane and rational way.

How To Identify Snake Problems

Snake Description
Most snakes are not considered threatened or endangered, but they are important in their local ecosystems, and should not be killed unnecessarily. Only 12 species found in the U.S. are on the Endangered Species List. Since some are dangerous, and nearly all are feared by people, there is little support for their protection, except in national parks and preserves. Of the 116 species of snakes found in the United States, only 19 are dangerous, including 15 rattlesnakes, two moccasins and two coral snakes. Each species poses its own snake removal challenge and in most cases it is best to contact or hire a trained professional to handle the issue. Some snakes are venomous, which is why we recommend you hire a professional to not only humanely remove the snake but to examine and repair your home to eliminate the chance of future snake entry.

Snake Habitats
Snakes can be found living in almost any conceivable shelter, though they are best known for living in trees, on land, underground, and in the water. Many snakes that are found living in buildings do so because of shrinking natural habitat. Most species of snakes that live in colder places will hibernate until it warms up again. It is very common for snakes to settle in basements, gardens or any part of your yard that provides cover. Snakes are not known to strike humans unless threatened, however venomous snakes are not visitors you want staying in your home or yard.

Snake Entry
If you are experiencing snake problems in your home or place of business, chances are these silent serpents have already established multiple entry points. Our snake removal professionals will assess the problem and take the necessary steps to not only humanely remove the snake or snakes from your home or building but also repair damaged areas and reduce the possibility of future snake entry.

What To Do Before The Snake Removal Specialist Arrives

Snake Control and Safety
Several snake control methods can be used to discourage snakes from inhabiting an area, prevent them from entering buildings, and to safely capture snakes that have strayed indoors. There may be extreme situations of heavy infestations, particularly of venomous species, that are best handled by qualified individuals. If you are able to identify with certainty that you have snakes in your home we recommend that you contact your local Animal Removal Pros office (hyper-­‐link to office finder) and take a few steps to prepare for the technician’s arrival. Take a walk around the exterior and try to identify the point(s) of entry. This will be helpful for the snake removal technician. Although rare, snakes can be venomous and should never be handled without protection and proper practice.

What To Expect Once A Snake Technician Arrives

Snake Trapping and Removal
Animal Removal Pros Technicians are Certified Wildlife Specialists, with the knowledge and tools to get rid of your Snake problem. Animal Removal Pros offices practice humane Snake removal techniques that ensure the safe capture and release of the nuisance animals.

Snake Prevention
Your Animal Removal Pros technician will assess the entry points of the nuisance snakes and provide solutions not only for repairing the entry area but will also present a prevention strategy. The sooner these issues are handled and addressed by our snake removal expert, the lower the overall cost. Don’t wait to call Animal Removal Pros if you have snakes in your home!

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