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Starlings in the attic or on the roof? Those pesky starlings are notorious for causing significant damage to buildings, vehicles, property and machinery with their excessive droppings. Not only do starling droppings cause odor and aesthetic problems in public places, droppings can also increase the rate of building destruction. Feathers have also been known to plug and damage ventilation units, which can sometimes contribute to health problems

Starling Control & Starling Damage Prevention

The cleanup of droppings and associated damage repair tends to cause significant economic losses. It is important to implement cleanup and repair on a regular basis in order to maintain safe environments for workers and safe home environments for your family.

For the prevention of starling damage and problems, Animal Removal Pros offers several effective methods of bird control. The best way to keep damage controlled is to implement a bird management program composed of multiple control strategies for getting rid of the starlings and cleaning up the droppings. We use multiple approaches of control in order to eliminate the bird problems and any associated health or damage concerns, covering all bases necessary.

Starling Control & Removal Services
Animal Removal Pros can help exclude starlings from buildings by sealing off their entry points into structures. This helps to reduce the number of loafing or nesting sites. We commonly use wire or nylon bird netting, electric shock fences and bird spikes. Trapping starlings has been known to be an effective solution for getting rid of them.

If you are in need of starling control, trapping or exclusion services, please contact Animal Removal Pros today. We have the resources necessary to implement effective programs for bird control.

Starling Precautions

Starlings carry several transmittable diseases that can be caught by pets, livestock and humans. Their droppings contribute to several health-related conditions, as droppings are composed of fungi and airborne spores. The most common transmittable disease birds carry include:

  • Histoplasmosis
  • Cryptococcus
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Encephalitis
  • Salmonellas

Why Should Animal Removal Pros Starling Removal Experts Handle Starling Problems?

When implementing control and removal solutions for birds, it is important to consult a professional in order to maintain the safety of yourself and loved ones. Please contact a Animal Removal Pros professional for more information on safe methods for getting rid of starlings, such as starling trapping. Our professionals are trained to identify starling problems, provide starling removal services and implement starling control to prevent future starling damage.

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