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Rhabdovirus that is carried by certain carnivorous mammals and bats

Worldwide, except Australia and Antarctica

Acute disease from a bite by an infected animal Considered fatal

Brain infection

Immediately scrub the bite wound with soap and water Apply a strong first aid solution (such as iodine) or cream Seek medical attention from a physician

Get vaccinated before possible contact with infected animals Avoid contact with possible infected animals

Handling Animals
Wild animals may behave unusual Dumb rabies: Causes tremors and convulsions Furious rabies: Causes aggressive behavior before convulsions and paralysis set in Behavioral changes: friendliness, loss of fear, appearance in the daytime (for nocturnal animals), unprovoked attacks, bewilderment aimless wandering, unusual barking, crying and frothing at the mouth

Other Facts
Can infect all warm-blooded animals Most cases are from dogs and cats Once infected, the virus spreads to the brain and then to other organs

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